what's the Goal?

College students are the most trainable, moldable and send-able demographic on the planet. What an opportunity as a new campus lays its foundation for the BSM to infuse the gospel into the people and culture of Tarleton Fort Worth. BSM strives to see a generation of students rise up to honor God, wave the Jesus flag and serve their campus, making an impact on their campus, the nations and everywhere in between.

what's the plan?

Tarleton Fort Worth is a plant from the Tarleton BSM in Stephenville and will happen in 3 phases.

FALL 2018: BSM staff will spend 1 day a week on the Fort Worth campus sharing the gospel, discipling students, offering a free lunch and a Bible study.

SPRING 2019: BSM staff will be on campus 2 days a week increase availability to students and opportunities to be involved.

FALL 2019: The BSM staff will have a full-time presence on campus as a stand alone BSM as Tarleton Fort Worth moves to their new campus along the Chisholm Trail Parkway.